Friday, December 27, 2013

Boxer Omowale Adewale Wants to Help 100 People Go Vegan in 2014

by Omowale Adewale

spinach bean patties
I have declared that next year my aim is to create more vegans, at least, 100. One hundred people will become vegans through coaching and training sessions and lectures. Being vegan isn’t as hard as people make it seem, but in a society that stresses the need for animal meat as the center of lunch and dinner it can create hesitancy in switching to become vegan. In addition, misinformation about where to extract protein and iron in a vegan diet may prevent others.
spicy bean patties
First let’s slice and dice protein. Cutting right to the chase, most people eat too much protein. As a fighter, I need protein, more than the average person, but definitely a lot less than a bodybuilder. The average person needs only .4 grams of protein per pound. A bodybuilder will eat well over 1.5+ grams of protein as his/her daily estimate. I fit somewhere between .6 and 1 gram. Keep in mind that athletes and bodybuilders must routinely repair muscles and replenish amino acid levels. ...full article

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