Saturday, February 9, 2013

"Boxing as Veg: The Tao of Plant-Based Training"


This year is an exciting year for me! In January I set my course to win the Golden Gloves, a major boxing tournament. Last year, in my first time entering I lost in the quarterfinals. However, this year I feel stronger and I’m more knowledgeable. I won my first match this month by 3rd round stoppage. Yeah!. As I train for my next match I am also planning my international tour Boxing as Veg: The Tao of Plant-Based Training.

As a vegetarian who boxer, there’s a lot at stake in this tourney. I want to illustrate the importance of eating healthy and exercising regularly. I want to teach our youth and adults that monitoring our blood pressure, insulin levels, and the intake of saturated fats is crucial to our wellness. Therefore, when the opportunity was presented to me I decided to fly with it. I’m making stops from NYC to the Bay Area and from India to London this year at over a dozen veg festivals.

I found a simple and practical solution to present to the world my solution towards combating horrible eating and terrible conditioning. I created a special way to develop young men and women who will love to train their mind and bodies to reach their highest potential. I launched this tour because I had hypertension since I was 18 and now I have the non-medicated cure. Heart disease is the number one killer in America. I will be giving away my free pamphlet that offers everything from combating fear to calming your aggression to lowering blood pressure and answering high insulin levels. 

This is Wale’s third tour since 2005, including a leadership tour and artist empowerment tour. In 2004 and 2006 he was requested by congress to give live testimony on the poor  health of artists and poor communities at the HR 676 Universal healthcare hearing. He has appeared in XXL and the Source and numerous publications and media around the world on topics of health, politics and Hip-Hop. Wale is a champion boxer who began learning at 18. Wale is a USA Boxing certified coach. As a teen he was a former NABBA finalist and ranked 5th in the state among track and field athletes. Wale co-founded Grassroots Artists MovEment (G.A.ME) in 2001 and developed its youth program, R.E.B.E.L through his FAR Fund/Fund for Social Change fellowship in 2005. Before he turned 30, upon stepping onto the ground of Africa for the first time a G.A.ME banner flapped high surrounded by a few dozen people welcoming him to the continent. With virtually no assistance outside of G.A.ME he has organized doctors to treat those in the US and traveled with medicine to Nigeria. Wale managed and helped lead successful political campaigns in NYC. Wale is certified by Family Support Systems & ACS in foster care parenting and a Phoenix House trained youth mentor.

The tour and presentations for each city is entitled Boxing as Veg: The Tao of Plant-Based Training. The presentation is divided into three components: slides and interactive discussion, a boxing demonstration and a 7-minute abs routine for attendees to get tough and sweaty. During the slides and discussion, I address complete ways on how to combat hypertension and diabetes through fruit and vegetable juicing and give a peek into my nutritional plan and conditional regiment. The demonstration of boxing techniques utilizes correct stance, creation of offensive angles, precision 
striking, agile footwork and various punching combinations. One or two partners assist me. Lastly, I ask volunteer attendees to grunt through a variety of abs routines for 7-minutes.

RBC is the ultimate goal for this tour. RBC is the development of our young generation. RBC trains young bodies and educates young minds, not to be boxing champions, but to become champions of life. The purpose of RBC is to support the youngest and brightest of our youth leaders work with their troubled peers. The focus is to address fear, calm aggression and stop bullying.

THE REACH        
You have the unique opportunity to stand on the side of good health and wellness and assist thousands of people internationally through this amazing tour; not to mention empower youth through long-term leadership development. As it stands, there are 12 confirmed stops on the tour. The very first stop in the Bronx will be led by young leaders. I will directly engage close to 5,000 people through speaking engagements, tabling, phone conversations and in-person conversations throughout this international tour. My hope is to touch 10,000+ people. The marketing and promotional push by all the organizers connected to each festival and conference will reach over 100,000+ people in the vegan, vegetarian and veg-curious arena. Many are awaiting better health. 

Event Planning & Preparation, Travel, Lodging, Food, Misc. Fees, Emergency Cost (3) $20,000
Printed Materials $3500
RBC Boxing Uniforms (30) - $1500


Brooklyn, NY
Tuesday March 19th         Youth Boxing ATI Program

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