Thursday, April 18, 2013

May 2013 - My Next Fight & Plant-Based Training tour continued

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My Next Fight
I am now training out of Gym X Boxing on Malcolm X Blvd.
May is a heavy month for me. My daily personal training sessions and boxing classes with young people don't stop while I continue to train hard for my upcoming fight in Long Island. Did I mention I'm going up from super middleweight to heavyweight.
What am I doing to increase my weight by 25lbs you say?
Lots of weight training. Hemp & chia seeds smoothies with almond or soy milk with assorted nuts seeds like cashews, pecans, sunflower seeds, etc. Avocados daily. Lots of water for the smooth processing towards the regeneration of my cells.

Boxing as Veg: Tao of Plant-Based Training tour
All presentations are interactive, fun and challenging. Be prepared!
Coming right off of that match, I have about a week to tighten up my presentation for the NOLA Veggie Fest. And then I am back and forth from US to Europe. I am expected to meet with folk in other countries (Italy and Barcelona) for promotions and tour & programming support.
What am I doing to maintain and keep my energy levels high?
I have an optimistic disposition even under fire. I will be eating bananas like nobody's business. And for more potassium because of my sensitivity to salt I aim to eat papayas as well. I don't want to get sick so I plan on eating fresh oranges, grapefruit, blackberries and blueberries. I will be juicing lemons, ginger and garlic. And I am stacking the Green Calvary! ....Chard! Spinach! Kale! Beet Greens! Collard Greens! Celery!