Friday, December 27, 2013

Boxer Omowale Adewale Wants to Help 100 People Go Vegan in 2014

by Omowale Adewale

spinach bean patties
I have declared that next year my aim is to create more vegans, at least, 100. One hundred people will become vegans through coaching and training sessions and lectures. Being vegan isn’t as hard as people make it seem, but in a society that stresses the need for animal meat as the center of lunch and dinner it can create hesitancy in switching to become vegan. In addition, misinformation about where to extract protein and iron in a vegan diet may prevent others.
spicy bean patties
First let’s slice and dice protein. Cutting right to the chase, most people eat too much protein. As a fighter, I need protein, more than the average person, but definitely a lot less than a bodybuilder. The average person needs only .4 grams of protein per pound. A bodybuilder will eat well over 1.5+ grams of protein as his/her daily estimate. I fit somewhere between .6 and 1 gram. Keep in mind that athletes and bodybuilders must routinely repair muscles and replenish amino acid levels. ...full article

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Levels and Solutions

In London, I asked the hotel receptionist (it’s a guy, you know you thought of a gender) about directions. He began telling me about a H58 bus and what not, and I stopped him. “Which way? I’m going to run there…on foot.” He snickered and looked at me like I was nuts. Same reaction I get in the U.S. for running. What? Mofos don’t run anymore? People do. In the U.S. they run, in London I saw them running. In India, only on my way to Mangalore airport I was inspired by an Indian woman who did more than run. She walked on the edge of the road in nutty traffic from the direction of the airport. I don’t know really where she came from or where she was going, but she was neatly dressed with a dignified look on her face.

Watching her, I quickly thought back to one year in high school. I remember kids puzzled, some laughing asking me “Why were you pushing a shopping cart down the road all by yourself?” Till this day, I think it was the most sensible response and reason. It was the same year I began working out to begin competing as a bodybuilder. In my world, I need no cars if I have my legs. In my world, I need no money if I have valuable friendship and family. In my world, I’m not lost if a destination exists. In this world there are few visitors to come by, but, the ones who do always motivate me.

Last night, at 1:30am (London time) I decided to walk to the London Heathrow airport for action and internet wifi. The scene was dead but I stayed until 5:30am. Before I left, I began thinking, “There is always a solution. Never panic.” I have lived by this and it has become my motto. It’s far from perfected. The discussion in my head was mainly for internalizing my own belief. The walk to the airport may seem odd to people, but I get there in 10-15min. JFK and La Guardia airports would do well to get a walking lane TOO! What’s 15min. or even 20min.?

In a Florida high school where everyone drives, I told my peers, “I had to carry a 30lbs dumbbell home.” Honestly, it may have been 25lbs. Anyway, I pushed the cart from the mall and traveled maybe 2-5 miles home. I can’t remember the mileage, but I couldn’t wait for my family to drop what they were doing just to drive me. It was a bit difficult, but, I was also trying something more difficult and more amazing. Three years later, I was a teen finalist in NABBA and I wasn’t even entirely focused on that one sport.

The woman who I saw walking down the hill from Mangalore airport only days ago, she inspired me. Just by walking. And, I’ll reuse this story in a few days from now to discuss veganism and exercise and anything I feel my mind needs to share with people who will hear me. The woman: She was walking amongst cars screeching around the corner feverishly trying to make departures, with NO sidewalk, nothing but peril and still more miles to go as there was nothing but space between civilization and that Mangalore airport. No joy, but no fear either written on her face. I took time to notice her impression, albeit, I could not tell you one piece of fabric she wore, but I know she was not unkept. When I felt fear for her and saw her lack of caution I knew ‘whatever has to get done was done that day, by her.’

As for me and my run, it was the best day in London so far. I found an apple tree…you know I took some apples, about nine. I took pictures on my run. I saw the biggest snail I ever saw, sadly that was after I mistakenly killed one. I put it off the road along with some of his/her buddies so they’d be safer. Goats! I saw three goats that seemed to belong to no one. Ok, don’t believe me. It’s the UK, you know. They belonged to no one. Also, I found an adapter to UK’s outlet and some veggies and other food I could actually afford. I would have missed half of this precious experience on a bus or in a car. And of course, I would not be more prepared for my fight at the end of this month when I return to the ring in the States.

Last night, when I was at the Heathrow’s airport (I know, I spend too much time near planes) I thought about how to convey to people how to problem solve and how fighters muster up courage and even win when things look bleak at first. Imagine playing an adventurous video game like Super Mario Bros or Metroid. After breaking the game, you buy another one and then after several more attempts and different tactics you finally beat a very difficult level. You eventually lose again of course. You were still in shock from the win. However, when you arrived at the difficult level again that has caused you pain and money you used the same exact tactic for the same exact level. Voila! You beat it with ease. Your mind then takes that victory and expands your strategic GAME plan to beat the future levels. Not with the same exact approach, but with an almost hybrid-approach to creating another winning solution.

Once you know that the harder levels are conquerable and even easier once mastered you’ll only want more challenges in life to expand your mental and physical capacity.  You need nothing in your pocket, no vehicle, and no direction but your own. Build yourself.

Oooohhh…check out my cool pics from today (10/3/13...London)! J

Yum! Free!!!
They did not want to play. One did act photogenic though.
The size of 50 pence & 2 rupee. Actually, had no quarter.
Even in London with an exchange, it's cheaper than U.S.! 

Sunday, August 25, 2013


[Caution: This article is intended for those 17 and up as it contains content that may be unsuitable for youngins, but if you are an 8-year-old in the fight game, you done seen more than most, so just ask your Mommy and Daddy.]

getting my amateur MMA license

Tonight the smiles were grinning at me as I were running through a slew of congratulations, pats on the back, conversations about my maneuvers and laughter was high and repeated, and my opponent even thanked me for the match and asked me for help with stand-up. A couple dozen spectators in the bleachers, fighters on the card and promoters and officials on the floor they all heaped praise; that for a minute, I thought that I had actually won. Mofo fake illusionists. Architects of pure fantasy. It was all believable. Even my cornermen failed to instruct me I had lost once I exited the cage. Not a “next time, Champ! There are more fights out there.”

Had I not put these developments in black and white I might wake up wondering in the morning “Who stole my mofo trophy??” Nonetheless, I had been in the ring, I had been on the mat, I had lost here before. I know the script. The Champ is not so inundated with wins that I might embarrass myself reaching for my opponent’s trophy. I know the instinctive actions of one who lost. “Champ, pick your head up, congratulate your opponent’s cornermen, salute your opponent, exit the ring stage left, and for fighter’s sake leave the damn trophy.” This is how you lose.

My amazing lost, so believable I had not stopped smiling until I got home. Then, it truly set-in, I did great in MMA for a boxer. I’m in physical pain AND I lost. When you lose, you replay everything back what you could have done right. I hate this process. But, I know the importance of losing. Yes, there is such a thing. But, no one ever asks me what to do if I should lose. Everyone’s always asking how to win, and yeah, that’s how it should be. But, there’s a lesson in the roughest of all losses.

If a young fighter ever asked me how you should feel and what you should do: Shine. You came in the arena confident, you leave the arena confident. Everything everyone told you about your amazing loss, believe it. You were quite awesome. But, do yourself a favor, at that juncture of feeling awful after you lost ascend your fight game to victory: Train hard, eat right, study yourself, study your opponent, talk with your coach and team, revisit your lost, and make amends for the lack of experience, skill, talent, timing, strength and/or speed. But, even if you should have no W’s in your win column, answer to your name, “Champ”. You are of the tiniest minorities to go into that Lion’s Den. And never forget what I tell you, youngin’.
But, me, I’m not doing any of that shit. I’ll nurse these physical injuries and that’s about it. I got too many W’s and too few losses…I’m going to stop at “Shine”. And then, I’ll hop back in the ring, cage, wherever. But, you, shit, you got to work yourself through all the various stages and win, Champion. There are no shortcuts for those who haven’t learned the long way first or think like losers. For all practical and non-political purposes, fighter, you are the 1%. It takes a profound mental state to get in the ring or cage, otherwise, mofos would be doing it. But, young fighter, it will raise your confidence level more and more in everything that you do if applied properly. Oh, and please don’t ask me how I’m doing. Ask me, “How much are you shining today, Champ?” “Optimal. I’m still at optimal level”. [video soon to follow]

Thursday, April 18, 2013

May 2013 - My Next Fight & Plant-Based Training tour continued

Get in touch and find out how to support my non-profit G.A.ME by emailing me at

My Next Fight
I am now training out of Gym X Boxing on Malcolm X Blvd.
May is a heavy month for me. My daily personal training sessions and boxing classes with young people don't stop while I continue to train hard for my upcoming fight in Long Island. Did I mention I'm going up from super middleweight to heavyweight.
What am I doing to increase my weight by 25lbs you say?
Lots of weight training. Hemp & chia seeds smoothies with almond or soy milk with assorted nuts seeds like cashews, pecans, sunflower seeds, etc. Avocados daily. Lots of water for the smooth processing towards the regeneration of my cells.

Boxing as Veg: Tao of Plant-Based Training tour
All presentations are interactive, fun and challenging. Be prepared!
Coming right off of that match, I have about a week to tighten up my presentation for the NOLA Veggie Fest. And then I am back and forth from US to Europe. I am expected to meet with folk in other countries (Italy and Barcelona) for promotions and tour & programming support.
What am I doing to maintain and keep my energy levels high?
I have an optimistic disposition even under fire. I will be eating bananas like nobody's business. And for more potassium because of my sensitivity to salt I aim to eat papayas as well. I don't want to get sick so I plan on eating fresh oranges, grapefruit, blackberries and blueberries. I will be juicing lemons, ginger and garlic. And I am stacking the Green Calvary! ....Chard! Spinach! Kale! Beet Greens! Collard Greens! Celery!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tour Update April 7th - "Boxing as Veg: Tao of Plant-Based Training"

Tour Update April 7th - "Boxing as Veg: Tao of Plant-Based Training"

This is my first leg of the tour outside of New York City and it was in Austin, TX at the Texas Vegfest. I had an awesome first time in Austin, TX. The Texas Vegfest was done to perfection. Good food and even better people. Many already plant-based, but several were interested in becoming vegan or vegetarian. 

I intend to add video short. But, enjoy the pics! Feel free to share with friends and family.

I engaged people in conversation about science through a H2O demonstration. 

Taught folks a little about the importance of geometry in boxing discussing degrees in stance and angles for offense and defense.

Of course I had to compare plant-based nutrition plans to those that include meat.

It was nice to speak about detoxing, cutting weight and building muscle.

Tour Update March 17th - "Boxing as Veg: Tao of Plant-Based Training"
Each stop discusses Omowale's nutritional plan and advice on going vegan with an emphasis on where to consume the most protein with this diet. The tour discusses Omowale's 20yrs as a vegetarian and his 2013 transformation to becoming a vegan. Omowale also addresses bullying, fear and aggression. And of course you'll learn boxing tips. Najee Williams assists during the demonstration as the boxer. Some stops will provide an opportunity for attendees to do abs routines at the end of the demonstration. A Q & A session will be available at the very end if time allows.

While most stops on the tour are public, some are private. All stops will feature Wale, other stops will be lucky enough to also catch young Najee in action. Email for more details. 

1st stop on the tour...
Manhattan, NY - Friday March 3rd - NYC Veg Food Fest 10:30am 

Snippet of Omowale's first presentation and interview by Quest TV....starring Wale's two youngest Aziza and Chisore:

Omowale's appearance on PRN's radio program "It's All About Food"

Wale's upcoming stops on the "Boxing as Veg: Tao of Plant-Based Training" tour

Brooklyn, NY - Tuesday March 19th - Youth Boxing ATI Program

Bronx, NY - Saturday March 23rd - GreenThumb GrowTogether

Austin, TX - Saturday April 6th - Texas Veg Fest

Saturday, February 9, 2013

"Boxing as Veg: The Tao of Plant-Based Training"


This year is an exciting year for me! In January I set my course to win the Golden Gloves, a major boxing tournament. Last year, in my first time entering I lost in the quarterfinals. However, this year I feel stronger and I’m more knowledgeable. I won my first match this month by 3rd round stoppage. Yeah!. As I train for my next match I am also planning my international tour Boxing as Veg: The Tao of Plant-Based Training.

As a vegetarian who boxer, there’s a lot at stake in this tourney. I want to illustrate the importance of eating healthy and exercising regularly. I want to teach our youth and adults that monitoring our blood pressure, insulin levels, and the intake of saturated fats is crucial to our wellness. Therefore, when the opportunity was presented to me I decided to fly with it. I’m making stops from NYC to the Bay Area and from India to London this year at over a dozen veg festivals.

I found a simple and practical solution to present to the world my solution towards combating horrible eating and terrible conditioning. I created a special way to develop young men and women who will love to train their mind and bodies to reach their highest potential. I launched this tour because I had hypertension since I was 18 and now I have the non-medicated cure. Heart disease is the number one killer in America. I will be giving away my free pamphlet that offers everything from combating fear to calming your aggression to lowering blood pressure and answering high insulin levels. 

This is Wale’s third tour since 2005, including a leadership tour and artist empowerment tour. In 2004 and 2006 he was requested by congress to give live testimony on the poor  health of artists and poor communities at the HR 676 Universal healthcare hearing. He has appeared in XXL and the Source and numerous publications and media around the world on topics of health, politics and Hip-Hop. Wale is a champion boxer who began learning at 18. Wale is a USA Boxing certified coach. As a teen he was a former NABBA finalist and ranked 5th in the state among track and field athletes. Wale co-founded Grassroots Artists MovEment (G.A.ME) in 2001 and developed its youth program, R.E.B.E.L through his FAR Fund/Fund for Social Change fellowship in 2005. Before he turned 30, upon stepping onto the ground of Africa for the first time a G.A.ME banner flapped high surrounded by a few dozen people welcoming him to the continent. With virtually no assistance outside of G.A.ME he has organized doctors to treat those in the US and traveled with medicine to Nigeria. Wale managed and helped lead successful political campaigns in NYC. Wale is certified by Family Support Systems & ACS in foster care parenting and a Phoenix House trained youth mentor.

The tour and presentations for each city is entitled Boxing as Veg: The Tao of Plant-Based Training. The presentation is divided into three components: slides and interactive discussion, a boxing demonstration and a 7-minute abs routine for attendees to get tough and sweaty. During the slides and discussion, I address complete ways on how to combat hypertension and diabetes through fruit and vegetable juicing and give a peek into my nutritional plan and conditional regiment. The demonstration of boxing techniques utilizes correct stance, creation of offensive angles, precision 
striking, agile footwork and various punching combinations. One or two partners assist me. Lastly, I ask volunteer attendees to grunt through a variety of abs routines for 7-minutes.

RBC is the ultimate goal for this tour. RBC is the development of our young generation. RBC trains young bodies and educates young minds, not to be boxing champions, but to become champions of life. The purpose of RBC is to support the youngest and brightest of our youth leaders work with their troubled peers. The focus is to address fear, calm aggression and stop bullying.

THE REACH        
You have the unique opportunity to stand on the side of good health and wellness and assist thousands of people internationally through this amazing tour; not to mention empower youth through long-term leadership development. As it stands, there are 12 confirmed stops on the tour. The very first stop in the Bronx will be led by young leaders. I will directly engage close to 5,000 people through speaking engagements, tabling, phone conversations and in-person conversations throughout this international tour. My hope is to touch 10,000+ people. The marketing and promotional push by all the organizers connected to each festival and conference will reach over 100,000+ people in the vegan, vegetarian and veg-curious arena. Many are awaiting better health. 

Event Planning & Preparation, Travel, Lodging, Food, Misc. Fees, Emergency Cost (3) $20,000
Printed Materials $3500
RBC Boxing Uniforms (30) - $1500


Brooklyn, NY
Tuesday March 19th         Youth Boxing ATI Program

Please donate or sponsor at GO FUND ME
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