Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tour Update April 7th - "Boxing as Veg: Tao of Plant-Based Training"

Tour Update April 7th - "Boxing as Veg: Tao of Plant-Based Training"

This is my first leg of the tour outside of New York City and it was in Austin, TX at the Texas Vegfest. I had an awesome first time in Austin, TX. The Texas Vegfest was done to perfection. Good food and even better people. Many already plant-based, but several were interested in becoming vegan or vegetarian. 

I intend to add video short. But, enjoy the pics! Feel free to share with friends and family.

I engaged people in conversation about science through a H2O demonstration. 

Taught folks a little about the importance of geometry in boxing discussing degrees in stance and angles for offense and defense.

Of course I had to compare plant-based nutrition plans to those that include meat.

It was nice to speak about detoxing, cutting weight and building muscle.

Tour Update March 17th - "Boxing as Veg: Tao of Plant-Based Training"
Each stop discusses Omowale's nutritional plan and advice on going vegan with an emphasis on where to consume the most protein with this diet. The tour discusses Omowale's 20yrs as a vegetarian and his 2013 transformation to becoming a vegan. Omowale also addresses bullying, fear and aggression. And of course you'll learn boxing tips. Najee Williams assists during the demonstration as the boxer. Some stops will provide an opportunity for attendees to do abs routines at the end of the demonstration. A Q & A session will be available at the very end if time allows.

While most stops on the tour are public, some are private. All stops will feature Wale, other stops will be lucky enough to also catch young Najee in action. Email for more details. 

1st stop on the tour...
Manhattan, NY - Friday March 3rd - NYC Veg Food Fest 10:30am 

Snippet of Omowale's first presentation and interview by Quest TV....starring Wale's two youngest Aziza and Chisore:

Omowale's appearance on PRN's radio program "It's All About Food"

Wale's upcoming stops on the "Boxing as Veg: Tao of Plant-Based Training" tour

Brooklyn, NY - Tuesday March 19th - Youth Boxing ATI Program

Bronx, NY - Saturday March 23rd - GreenThumb GrowTogether

Austin, TX - Saturday April 6th - Texas Veg Fest

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